Although the Babe put down his bat for the last time in 1935, he continues to be popular among American baseball and sports fans. This popularity explains why Babe Ruth memorabilia, including baseball cards, continue to fetch high prices on the collectors’ market. If you’re a Babe Ruth fan and you’re just starting out, where can you find Babe Ruth cards for sale?

If you’re looking for cards that date from the Babe’s playing career, then you may face some difficulties. There are only a limited number of these cards available on the market, and they are sought-after by collectors. The first place you can try if you’re looking for Babe Ruth cards for sale at relatively reasonable prices is baseball card shows. There are plenty of these shows held in most of the major US states, and they are great places to find vintage cards for sale or trade. These shows are also a great way to touch base with your fellow collectors. Schedules can easily be found online and you can even register in advance for a hefty discount on admission prices.

If you can’t go to a card show, then you can find Ruth cards for sale on online auction sites. Depending on their condition and rarity, you can usually find some choice cards for a few hundred dollars. But if you have deep pockets and want that 1914 Babe Ruth rookie card, you can wait for such rarities to go on sale at high-profile auctions. But don’t hold your breath since owners of these cards tend to hold on to them and their scarcity ensures that very few of them will ever go before an auction block.

With a plethora of options, even the beginning collector should have no problem finding Babe Ruth sports cards. But the majority of collectors with limited budgets may have to content themselves with cards issued after 1930 or with reprints of classic cards.

One thing to keep in mind is that if somebody is selling Babe Ruth cards at highly lower or higher price than the market rates then you should sense that something if fishy. Keep a budget for yourself and then go for purchasing these cards. There are some flea markets too that are famous for selling sports collectibles. You can also try “The Sports Collectors Store” to find out these cards.

However, you should always keep your eyes wide open. Remember that you are not the only fan of Babe Ruth. He has his fans scattered all over the world and that is why there are millions of people who are willing to do anything to collect his baseball cards. Due to such a huge demand of these cards and low supply, some unscrupulous individuals have come into this business of making fool of passionate fans of Babe Ruth. Especially the inexperienced fans get trapped in the foul play of such people. Make sure you do not end up getting involved in any such Internet scam. You should be very careful in collecting any such sports cards. Always find out the authenticity of a Babe Ruth card before paying for them.




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Early life

Hank Aaron was born on February 5, 1934 in Mobile, Alabama. He was the third of eight children. When his father led him to a talk by Jackie Robinson, Hank volunteered to play baseball. Aaron showed an early passion for sports and played both baseball and football at the Mobile Mobile School and at the Josephine Allen Institute, a class-based school. Aaron started playing baseball at the age of 15 and earned $ 10 a day for the Mobile Black Bears, a dark baseball squad. In 1951, Aaron was coined by the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro Baseball League. In 1952, he helped his group at the Negro League World Series.

Jump to the majors

Aaron turned into the last Negro league player to make the leap to Major Leagues when he was tagged by the Boston Braves in 1952. When this Aaron reached the majors, the Boston Braves had turned into the Milwaukee Braves. Aaron played great in the small time and even evolved into MVP of the South Atlantic League despite the steady emphasis of preference. In 1954, the Boston Braves called him Major Leagues when left-back Bobby Thompson broke his lower leg. Despite a 0 to 5 major league appearance in his major league (no hits in five at bats), Aaron was to stay in the majors. In his first year he hit .280 (which means he would make a normal 28 hits for every 100 in bats) with 13 homers. These aggregates were among the most reduced of his amazing vocation. In 1955, Aaron made his first of 24 all-star diversions and hit .314 with 27 homers. Hank would hit at least 20 Grand Slams for 20 consecutive years. The following year, in Aaron’s third year in the majors, he won the hit title with a .328 normal. He was also named Sporting News National League Player of the Year. 1957 would be remarkably outstanding among other years of his profession. After being switched to cleanup (fourth in the batting request), Aaron responded with 44 home runs and 132 RBIs (runs shot in – indicating he did something with the racket, like a hit, Fielder’s choice, Ground Out or on foot, a player in his group counts). This year he drove the Milwaukee Braves to their exclusive World Series title. In the years following the World Series, the Milwaukee Braves never reached the playoffs again. By the way, Aaron turned himself on as one of the most incredible batsmen of the distraction and began to record amazing whacking dimensions. In 1962, the Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta and turned into the Atlanta Braves.

Grand Slam record

Notwithstanding the move to Atlanta, the Braves have never made another universe series in the midst of Aaron’s profession. Many fans in Atlanta were filled by watching Hank’s exploits in the field. In 1970, Hank became the main actor in history to get 3000 hits and 500 grand slams in one appeal. By the end of 1973, he had collected 713 grand slams. He was only two of the way to overshadow the most sacred plate in American games – Babe Ruth’s appeal grand slam record. On April 4, 1974, at the age of 40, Aaron hit a pitch from Los Dodgers pitcher Al Downing across the left field fence at Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium. He had broken Babe Ruth’s protocol. To this day, a defining feature of sports history is the image of Aaron, who sets himself at a respectable halftime while two fans persecute him to compliment him. After the 1974 season Hank played two years at the Milwaukee Brewers. He ended his appeal with 755 homers (the record was now hidden by Barry Bonds). He remains the untouched pioneer in RBIs with 2,297. On August 1, 1982, Hank Aaron was drafted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Both the Braves and the Brewers stepped back (implying that no one could wear them again), his uniform number “44”. Today, Turner Field is located at 755 Hank Aaron Drive.

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Jackie Robinson overcame the color barrier in major league baseball and became the hero of humanity. He was an icon for civil rights and helped pave the way for other ballplayers. A true inspiration for us all. An example of bravery and courage. Baseball was simply a way for Jackie Robinson to shed light on the problems of racism at a time when racism was high.

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the major leagues in 1947. He was a leader and knew the difficulties that would follow. He showed extreme bravery, and it took a man of Jackie’s size to handle all the following problems. He was so important to civil rights and helped others follow the path. An all-over leader whose number 42 will never be worn again in any major league park.

The debut of Jackie Robinson with the Brookly Dodgers in 1947 was one of the greatest civil rights moments in our history. This was made possible by Branch Rickey, who served as club president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. It was wonderful that Jackie got his chance to play in major league baseball, and it was a tragedy that the fiber of America was so full of racism during that time.

It took a man of Jackie’s temper and courage to change the ugly face of racism in America. Mr Robinson was a fiery-tempered man who was asked to stay calm and withstand the pressure for the first few years. I do not think another man could handle the pressure. And because of his courage, his bravery, and his willingness to stand up, barriers have been cut and will continue to do so.

For these reasons, Jackie Robinson should be so honored. His jersey number will never be worn again. He is an example for others to follow and in his words, he said, “I am not concerned with your taste or dislike me … all I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”

Jackie Robinson will always be a real civil rights activist who happens to be playing baseball. Let us not forget the contributions this great man made to humanity. He is a role model for all people, not only in baseball, but also in life. He enabled African Americans to transcend the color barrier in all sports by setting a good example. He had to endure the constant dam and humiliation at every game. He was cursed, ridiculed and spit on. He had thrown objects on the field. He could not go to places because of his color. But Jackie Robinson held her head up, put one foot in front of the other, and walked proudly. We leave a path that we can all follow. Never before has there been a better example of the phrase “Acts speak louder than words”. While Jackie was berated and spit on, he continued with his actions. He was a leader on and off the field. A true icon that stood for equal rights, the chance to play ball, and for humanity. We celebrate you, Jackie Robinson.

Baseball has been called the Great American Pastime by many folks and it is amusing to imagine that the exact history of baseball is vastly unknown. Sport historians believe that it is roughly based on an English game called rounders. The game gained its popularity in the northeast around the late 1700s and early 1800s. The precise name of the sport had changed several times from base, to roundball to cricket during the beginnings of baseball history.
In the early nineteenth century, some cities started to form teams and leagues. The sport began to grow in popularity such that the players and patrons of the game decided that they had to formalize the rules of the game. So in 1845 Alexander Cartwright began the formulation of a list of rules that all teams were to follow, and it is interesting to note that many of those rules are still followed today.
Cartwright is considered to have been the actual founder of the game and not Abner Doubleday according to baseball historians. Cartwright was a fireman who formulated the basic rules of the sport. He was credited with founding the Knickerbockers Baseball Club which sculpted baseball history. He then chose to follow the riches of the California Gold Rush and began spreading the game westward. His travels enabled him to continue the expansion of this new sport throughout the country.
The initial game on record took place a year after Cartwright created his team in 1846. As a consequence, in the 1850s some teams in the northeast came together to discuss rules and the expansion of the game, and in 1858 they founded the National Assoc. of Baseball Players, which is deemed to be the first baseball league ever created in the history of baseball.
The sport continued to grow in the late 1850s as membership grew from 100 to over 400 teams. The Civil War broke out, decimating the interest in baseball as there was obviously no time for games. Interestingly enough baseball started to cause interest in other areas throughout the country. When the war ended, the sport began to blossom once more. Teams grew, and cities throughout the country started to take interest and play against each another.
The NABP was initially supposed only to be made up of amateur athletes, but just as with any sport it became very competitive, and the best players were compensated for their abilities on the field.
The Wright brothers who owned the team decided to recruit the best talent from around the country, and they challenged all comers. They were so successful that they went 65 and 0. With such little competition the idea of creating a completely professional league was initiated, and in 1871 the National Association was developed.
In the early 1900s, the American and National league were formed which as we all know remains. These changes in the 1900s established the two leagues, the world series and began the practice of player contracts. The popularity of baseball had firmly begun and was well on its way to becoming known as the Great American Pastime.




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No matter how many sports are introduced to the world the baseball game never gets old. The fans for the baseball game increases but never reduces because the excitement when watching it is indescribable. There are many people who would agree that baseball is their all-time favorite sport. We can even consider it as the best sport so far. If you ask “Tell me about the best places to see a baseball game” we would not think twice to answer and we can even provide you with a list of places to see the baseball game. If you focus on the ways how the game is played it is quite interesting because this is the one and only game which is played continuously by the winning team. Unlike other games, it doesn’t end when a team wins instead it is when the game starts. Due to the unique way of playing the game attracts fans immensely. However, let us check out a few places which you should consider if you want to find the best places to see a baseball game.

1. Kauffman Stadium

The Kauffman stadium can be considered as one of the best places to see a baseball game. If you look at the stadium you would not believe that it is one of the 1973’s constructions. In fact, the stadium is outside the city of Kansas and this is considered as the oldest stadium. It has become one of the best places to see baseball game because of the renovations made in 2009 but we cannot say the stadium was less stunning before the renovations. The magnificent fountains are the trademark feature of the stadium. You can even visit the baseball Museum of Negro league and witness the artifacts of Negro league.

2. Safeco Field

The Safeco field can hold the topmost place if the team provides the support but still, the stadium can be named as one of the best places to see the baseball game. You can spend the time in watching your favorite game by being seated in a beautiful spot. If you want to make it even more wonderful, you can simply angle the view to the gorgeous sunset of Seattle’s. You need not worry about Seattle’s weather because the stadium has the retractable roof. So, enjoy the most wonderful game from a most wonderful place.

3. Target Field

In the United States, the newest ballpark is one of the eye-catching places. However, no one would miss the concrete Metrodome because when you watch the view of it your jaws would drop in awe. The Target stadium is cozy, clean and beautiful so the fans feel comfortable to watch the game. You can easily reach the railway station from the Target field.

4. Petco Park

If you don’t stumble on the Petco Park you are not worth living because it is also one of the greatest places to watch baseball. This is that stadium which gives the humble feeling. It does not overshadow instead it offers the lovely scenario to the fans. If you can spend just five dollars you can leisurely watch the game while sitting on the bleachers.

So, there we summarized the best places to see the baseball game, so why not give it a try?


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While there is a lot of skill that goes in to playing a good game of baseball there is also occasionally some luck. Check out some of the luckiest catches we have seen this year!




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