MLB unveils new special event caps and jerseys for 2016

Earlier this week, MLB unveiled 302 (!) new special event hats and jerseys for the 2016 season. Chris Creamer has all the designs, if you’re interested. This year the teams were consulted during the process, so each club’s design has its own unique touch. That’s pretty cool. In the past it was one blanket design across the league.

Let’s go through the new designs and check out the special Yankees’ caps and jerseys we’ll see this summer.

Mother’s Day
Date: Sunday, May 8th
Where Will The Yankees Be? Home against the Red Sox


Pink on Mother’s Day, as usual. In the past players used pink bats, wrist bands, cleats, and other stuff. Now the league will have a special cap and jersey that day as well. All the Mother’s Day caps and jerseys will be auctioned off for charity. This year the proceeds are going to the Susan G. Komen foundation to help fight breast cancer.

Memorial Day
Date: Monday, May 30th
Where Will The Yankees Be? In Toronto to play the Blue Jays (Canada on Memorial Day!?)


The Memorial Day design is heavy on camouflage, as you can see. I don’t love it — I think I’d rather wear the pink than the camo — but it is for a good cause, so you can’t complain. As always, the Memorial Day gear will be auctioned off following the games. Proceeds will go to the Welcome Back Veterans charity. A good cause indeed.

Father’s Day
Date: Sunday, June 19th
Where Will The Yankees Be? In Minnesota to play the Twins


As with Mother’s Day, teams will wear special caps and jerseys on Father’s Day for the first time this season. The blue looks pretty good, doesn’t it? I guess that’s because it looks kinda sorta natural on Yankees gear. The pink and camo look out of place. I’m sure the players will have blue bats and compression sleeves and all that as well. All the money raised will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Fourth of July
Where Will The Yankees Be? In Chicago to play the White Sox


The Fourth of July hats have been very hit or miss over the years. I thought the white caps were pretty nice a few years ago, especially for the Yankees. They had an old-timey feel to them. This year they have the stars and stripes design and some sort of mesh pattern. The proceeds will go to the Welcome Back Veterans charity. Same as Memorial Day.

Home Run Derby & All-Star Game Workout Day
Date: Monday, July 11th
Where Will They Be? Petco Park


The All-Star Game is in San Diego this year, and MLB went with the Padres’ classic 1970s brown and gold color pattern. I love it. Those jerseys are awesome. The caps? Well, some of the others are nice. Not sure if I dig those Yankees hats though. It’s not terrible. It just looks … forced. Yankees caps are a classic, man.

All-Star Game
Date: Tuesday, July 12th
Where Will They Be? Petco Park again


There are no special All-Star Game jerseys this year because there are never special All-Star Game jerseys. Players wear the uniforms of their teams. I like that. No other sport does it. (Right?) The jerseys will have a special patch, of course. That’s about it. The hats have some gold trim — peep the stars around the ventilation holes, that’s cool — though I can’t really tell what’s going on with the brim. Is that more camo?

The special hats and jerseys can be gimmicky, but they help raise money for good causes, so props to MLB for ramping up the special event designs this years. Those Home Run Derby jerseys … straight fire. They’re great.

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