Take a look at caps, jerseys that Royals will wear for special occasions

On Tuesday, the Royals announced they will wear their special gold-trimmed uniforms at certain home games this season.

They will be wearing special jerseys on other days, as well.

Major League Baseball on Wednesday said all of its clubs will wear distinctive jerseys and hats on four other days: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The league also revealed special caps for the All-Star Game and uniforms and hats for the workout day.

The Royals will wear their Los Reales jerseys July 25 when they play Houston. That is when the team will celebrate Hispanic heritage. The Royals will wear Monarchs jerseys May 15 when they face the Braves on Salute to the Negro Leagues Day.

Here is a closer look at each of the special jerseys that all the major league teams will be wearing this season:

The All-Star Game is in San Diego this year, so the workout clothes will be a nod to the Padres’ brown-and-yellow uniforms the team wore from 1969-1984.

According to a news release from MLB, the All-Star Game jerseys “will again feature a star on either side of the silhouetted batter logo on the upper back, above the nameplates. For the second year in a row, players’ signatures will be printed into the front of their jerseys on the lower, right-hand side; the signature will be surrounded by stars representing the number of All-Star appearances they’ve made in their career. Jerseys will also feature a patch of the primary All-Star Game logo on the sleeve.”

On Mother’s Day, the Royals will wear these special caps and jerseys:

The Royals will be out of the country on the Fourth of July, opening a four-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. These are the special caps and jerseys the Royals will wear:

If some of those images are too small, my boss made these cool GIFs of the hats and jerseys, including the other ones they’ve worn:

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